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Community Outreach

Lunch and Learn Program

Our purpose in the program is to shift the health consciousness of our community from a “sick care” model to a wellness model and to save thousands of lives in the process. In order to serve our purpose we donate several hours of our time each month to perform health and wellness workshops as a way of sharing our knowledge and expertise with the community. The workshops are designed to arm those in attendance with information and tools required to help them make great changes in their lives and in the lives of their families; changes we are certain, if applied, will promote a higher quality of life and save lives. Here’s why we are concerned and why we do what we do. The rate of chronic disease is exploding in our country and it is largely related to stress and our lifestyle. In 2004 89% of all deaths in the U.S. were due to chronic disease, up 17% from the previous generation. Today in our practice we are seeing kids with adult diseases like high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. It’s not good! The problem is once someone develops chronic disease, they will always have it, they will suffer with it for the rest of their life, it ruins the quality of their life and ultimately shortens their life.

In this program we can do a series of workshops on the topics of stress management, nutrition, physical activity, emotional wellbeing and numerous other health related topics.

The most popular workshop that we do is called: “The Three Secrets of Managing Stress to Avoid Illness”

The Program Covers:

  • Stress and it’s devastating effects on our health (90% of illness is stress related)
  • Often overlooked sources of stress in life that cause disease
  • How stress breaks down our body at all levels and causes disease
  • How to recognize if stress is causing hidden health problems before permanent damage is done
  • The three secrets to slow, stop and reverse the damage stress has already caused

Benefits of the Program:

  • Free
  • Entertaining and informative
  • Gives tools to employees to more effectively manage stress in their daily lives
  • Free gift to determine if stress is creating underlying health issues
  • If applied, tools will help employees to stay well, avoid illness and maybe even save a life
  • Benefits employer by having a healthier, more productive workforce
  • A healthier workforce leads to improved productivity, fewer absences, and reduced health care spending