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Dr. Sarah Berg

Dr. Sarah grew up on a farm in a small town in northern Minnesota, where she completed high school before attending Minnesota State University Moorhead, intending to continue on to medical school. It was during her time at MSUM that she truly found her passion for chiropractic after seeing how it helped members of her family who had been unable to find relief with traditional medicine, herself included. As she learned more about the benefits of chiropractic care, her interest only continued to grow. She continued to study the human body through her MSUM education, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Biology with an emphasis in Health and Medical Sciences, and a minor in Psychology. From there, she moved to Bloomington, MN to obtain her Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University.

While at Northwestern, Dr. Sarah learned how much more there is to chiropractic than just pain relief. The human body is designed to be in a state of health and wellness; anything less than that is an indication that something isn’t working at its best. We all know someone who routinely takes pain medication to feel normal. Dr. Sarah herself dealt with a year-long headache, which she “controlled” with over-the-counter medication. After seeing her chiropractor for the first time, she learned that the constant pain didn’t need to be her “normal”.

Our bodies let us know when something isn’t quite working right. When we pay attention, we can feel the signs: a little bit of stiffness here and there, problems with sleep and digestion, fatigue, just “feeling off” . . . the list goes on. The more we pay attention, the easier it becomes to notice these signs. Many of Dr. Sarah’s patients are surprised to learn that pain is one of the last things to show up when something is wrong and one of the first things to go away. Pain and illness set in when our bodies have simply had enough.

Dr. Sarah says that it makes her day when a patient tells her they want to learn how to attain overall wellness through natural healthcare. While she knows that chiropractic doesn’t solve everything, she loves teaching her patients how their bodies work and finding the best solution for them. Not only can chiropractic help to get her patients out of pain, but it can and should be used to keep their bodies moving and “working” the way they’re designed. Dr. Sarah is eager to help the people of her community achieve lasting health and wellness through chiropractic!