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15 different medications for pain

My story is almost too brilliant to believe. I am a type A, hard working CPA, who was almost finished working on my MBA when I was debilitated with a condition called trigeminal neuralgia. My five year plan was put on hold. You know the five year plan to take over the world.

I saw countless doctors over a six month period. I was, and I am not ashamed to admit it, at the end of my rope. My “doctors” had me on 15, yes, 15 different medications for pain, including perocet, oxycontin and morphine. Nothing could touch the pain!!!

I saw the chiropractor as my last resort. My sister-in-law had great results with her chiropractor and she suggested that I see him. I came into his office—pissed off and angry. He explained that he would look specifically at the upper neck to see if the problem was an over-rotated bone putting abnormal pressure on my nervous system. My x-rays confirmed his suspicions. My thoughts were–how come my Harvard-educated neurologist didn’t know this???

My first “crack” saves my life. I know that sounds very Seinfeldian, but it did. I am forever grateful. I jumped off the table screaming and cursing. I know my chiropractor thought it was directed at him, but it was directed at my, Doogie Hauseresgue neurologist who told me it was a waste of time seeing the chiropractor. Let me tell you that he will not forget the day that I walked through his waiting room and told him a thing or too about the “waste of time” that saved my life.

Now I know you are thinking that this is a really nice story AND it would be great if it ended there. But, of course, it doesn’t. I stopped taking every single medication I was on. AND————

I found out that this 40 year-old, career oriented accountant was PREGNANT!!! Never, in a million years had the thought entered my head.. Because I was off the medication I was blessed to give birth to my lifetime plan, Annabelle. She would have never been here if it was not for my last ditch effort to save my own life. So the kicker is that Annabelle will not let the pediatrician touch her. Only her chiropractor can “fix her wagon.” Those are her own words.