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I had come to seriously dislike every visit to a Dr’s office

I would like to take a moment to say thank you for your sincere interest in the health and well being of our community. When I first started coming for the care of my lower back I was initially thankful for the great relief in pain I experienced, but it wasn’t long before I began to really appreciate what your practice provides.

I was initially coming three times a week to the office to aid in the healing of my lower back. Within the first week the chiropractor had x-rays done of my neck also, and found that my atlas needed to be adjusted. After having gone to physicians for over a year for my lower back (I had fallen and had been in severe pain) I had come to seriously dislike every visit to a Dr’s office, from the cold reception at the door, to the drawn out wait in the rooms and the perplexed and impatient looks from the Dr’s not knowing what was wrong with my back, to the ever increasing dent in my pocketbook for all the x-rays and scans and visits.

I could spend an entire page typing about the wonderful “physical” changes I have experienced thanks to the care of my chiropractor and his staff: pain free, weight loss, no more tingling fingers and hands, having grip in my hands again, the ability to lift and carry and play with my children again. Those changes are what I had been expecting to achieve at every physician’s visit I was paying for, and never seeming to attain.

Instead, I would like to say thank you for treating me like a genuine person, with a genuine problem, and delivering what your practice promises to deliver. I want to say thank you to your staff, for knowing my name when I walk in and greeting me with a smile (not because I’m a cash patient, but because I’m a human being). Thank you to your accounts receivable manger for not frowning at me when I told her I didn’t have insurance, but instead helping me find the best way to afford my treatment. And thank you to my chiropractor, for sincere interest in my health and physical well being.

I have recommended you to all of my friends and family, and will continue to do so. The service you provide is priceless. Thank You and God Bless You!!!