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I had taken almost every diet pill on the market

Hi, my name is Lorraine. I am happy, out- going, energetic and getting more and more healthy every day. Nearly 2 months ago, I would have never anticipated the way that I feel about life now. I had taken almost every diet pill on the market, tried money exhausting exercise programs that were not really motivating. I was always tired and I had begun to feel extreme pain in my back and body. I had constant headaches for the past 10 years and had been taking up to 18 Advils per day. Carrying Advils and Motrins was a must for me. My life was severely stressful both at home and at work and on most days I just didn’t want to wake up.

One Monday morning in late November 2007 I was walking to work, as I normally did everyday, and I felt a sharp pain in my lower back and all of a sudden my left leg gave out. I nearly fell to the ground and I struggled to walk the remaining 1 ½ blocks to get to work. The next 2 days the pain got progressively worse and it began to start earlier in my walk. I went to my doctor and they ran tests but found nothing. I was thought to have a thyroid problem. I was given sleeping medication because I hadn’t been sleeping well, muscle relaxers and pain medication. I took the muscle relaxers, but they did not help. I did not take anything else except for my current daily doses of 6 Advils at least twice a day, sometimes 3 times per day.

I went back to my doctor again, still looking and feeling terrible. I had no kind of energy and every day was a drag. It was a big blur from day to day……….I felt like a hamster in a never ending wheel of torture. My doctor could find nothing else to help me and he referred me to a chiropractor . He told me that the chiropractor was practicing with a new technology and would perhaps be able to help me.

I went to the chiropractor the very same day and he explained how there may be something wrong with my nervous system (which is connected to your spine). Your nervous system has an effect on every part of your body and if you have subluxations in your spine it can affect everything. The chiropractor adjusted my back and then arranged for me to have my spine scanned. I had a series of scans done and found out that I had a herniated disk in my lower spine. I also had nerve testing done and found out that my left side is weaker than the right side of my body. The chiropractor told me about a program that he was participating in called Creating Wellness. He told me that an assessment is done at the beginning of the program and a wellness quotient is used to determine how well you actually are.

Well, imagine my surprise to find out that my wellness quotient was 59. This qualified me as being very challenged. After finding out the benefits of being on the Creating Wellness program, I decided to try it. I had my family against me because they thought it was too expensive and would be useless. I went on with it anyway because I knew that I couldn’t go on feeling as sick as I always had been.

I have been on the program for 6 weeks now. I follow the exercises and the meal plans as they are. I listen to the CD’s and read my weekly logs. Sometimes I eat something out of the plan but I am careful not to eat too much or too often. The exercises are fun and make me feel really good early in the morning. I take all of my supplements. I have not remembered feeling as good as I do now in a very long time. I feel like every day is a breath of fresh air. I have not had a headache in nearly 2 months. No more Advil or Motrin! I sleep better and the pain in my lower back has decreased. My life has changed- for the better! I don’t get sick as often as I used to and if I do feel symptoms coming, they usually last a very short time. I have higher self- esteem, I’m not as stressed out as I used to be, I have an incredible amount of energy, I eat healthier, and I’m excited about what my future holds. I look forward to the rest of the program and to the continuation of my lifestyle change. I really feel like – the sky’s the limit- now! At my 5 week assessment I found out that I lost 5 lbs., decreased my body fat, and increased my muscle mass. My wellness quotient is now 85 and I can’t wait to see what it will be at week 15!