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Insightful Life Changing Help

Prior to coming to see Dr. Heidi, about a month ago, I had gone through two surgeries. The first was approximately 4 years ago and was an SI joint fusion on the left side. It was mildly successful for awhile and only helped to isolate my overall back issues.

With 1 surgery down and the back pain still a major issue, I underwent a 2nd surgery in August of 2010. This surgery was more invasive, more restrictive, and overall was supposed to be more successful. I had a lumbar fusion of the L4-L5 and the L5-S1 discs. This kept me out of work for 8 weeks and was very costly in the amount of movement it would restrict, the ability to do “normal” activities, as well as darn painful. I did recover quickly and was going along quite well. Had been back to work for several weeks.

As with most Minnesota winters, this one began mildly with a rain storm that quickly turned to ice. I woke up on a regular morning and was going about my business unaware of the ice storm outside. Well, I was about 2 steps down the 8-10 step flight of stairs and lost my footing. I fell and landed right on my back in the middle of the stairs. Needless to say there were some choice words for the weather, stairs and my lack of attention paid to the weather the night before. I went back to the surgeon and had various MRI’s, CT scans, and X-rays. It was reassuring to know that I had not done any damage to the recently worked on lumbar area of my back. I did however, do some damage to my neck with a pinched nerve at C5 and herniated 4 discs in my thoracic spine. 1 badly enough that it showed some separation.

So it was back to square one. The surgeon offered the usual band aids. Physical therapy, more epidural injections and eventually another surgery. This surgery would require the moving of some major organs. Heart, lungs, and rib cage. While understanding the need for some immediate actions to reduce and/or eliminate back pain I chose an epidural injection in hopes it would quickly get things calmed down and back into place. It was quickly discovered this would not be the ideal choice and proved to be less than helpful.

Another office visit with the surgeon and the offers were as follows: More injections, surgery, or chiropractic care. Having doubted the chiropractic care quite honestly out of ignorance, I decided I should give this a try. Put the surgery on hold, I am going to try chiropractor care. Searching for local chiropractors with the useful tool called Google, I found Oak Springs Chiropractic Care and called to schedule an appointment. After my initial consultation, screening, and adjustment. Dr. Heidi presented me with her thoughts on my treatment, likelihood of success, and things to do in between visits. We should start with 3 visits per week.

Here we are 1 month later and I can gladly report that I have a 90% reduction in my pain, have switched to a standing desk at work to eliminate painful sitting all day, and have just completed my 4 week re-scan. This scan was different in many ways. The most critical change though was the lack of color on it. Indicating that my body was not only responding well to the adjustments, it liked it and held those adjustments. All of this care was going on while I was being challenged physically with back pain in every aspect of my life, added stress with working while in this pain, unfortunately going through a personal life stressor greater than most faced, divorce, and making time to move, work, and see Dr. Heidi 3 times a week.

I am now turning to a phase of my back health that requires minor tweeking and tuning, rather than facing another 8 weeks out of work and more steel rods and screws throughout my back.

Thank you Dr. Heidi! I would be laying in a hospital bed with new hardware if it were not for the insightful, life changing help of your facility. I have had several people involved in my life approach me recently wondering what has changed so much that my mood, posture, and entire outlook are much more positive. I have referred this office to many of my friends, family and co-workers. I hope they all take me up on it and have similar results.

Thanks again Dr. Heidi!