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No cure for arthritis

This is a note of profound gratitude to my chiropractor for helping me back to the active lifestyle I had enjoyed my entire life until about nine years ago when, after the birth of my daughter, I developed severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The medical profession offers no cure for arthritis. The underlying cause is unknown. Therefore, most medical doctors treat the symptoms of arthritis – a lifetime of taking prescribed drugs, surgery, and similar invasive treatments are suggested. Now I avoided using medications as long as I could but within a few months after my daughter’s birth, the pain was so debilitating I was unable to properly care for my young daughter. I believed my only choice was to turn to prescription drugs and a Rheumatologist started me on the traditional course of treatment. Over the years I tried numerous medications in an attempt to manage the pain, stiffness, inflammation, depression, and fatigue, and even needing additional medications to combat the side effects of the arthritis drugs. While the drugs masked the symptoms of the disease, and my body seemed better, I was under constant supervision in order to monitor liver function, blood cell count, retina toxicity and drug induced ulcers. True, the arthritis pain was no longer controlling my life, but at what cost? Through research, I also became aware of the serious dangers from long term use of these medications, and since I didn’t want to further put myself at risk for major complications, I decided it was time to find a safer alternative. Then a friend told me about a chiropractor and his Wellness Club. It was my hope that the treatments would help with some of the stiffness, but what has happened since seeing my chiropractor has far exceeded my expectations.

While I can’t pin point exactly when I noticed a difference in my health, what stands out in my mind is that one day I realized that several days had passed and I hadn’t taken my medications. This was a profound realization! You see, typically the pain and stiffness was a constant reminder to take the meds. But since there was no pain, I wasn’t even thinking about medicating myself. It wasn’t long before I simply stopped taking all the meds. Now I can honestly say that I have been able to eliminate my pain and just as importantly my dependency on the dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and their ongoing astronomical costs.

Since receiving chiropractic care, I’ve learned that vertebral subluxations weaken your nervous system, stress the immune system, put the body in a weakened state and can set the stage for sickness and diseases of all types — arthritis included. Don’t wait until you have a degenerative problem. I urge anyone hearing this to take control of their own health and avoid prescription drugs and the risk of their dangerous side-effects. Prevention is the key to good health and I sincerely believe that chiropractic care has played an important part in increasing my healing capacity. I’m now thriving, not merely surviving. Thank you to my chiropractor and his wonderful staff!