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No Headaches

Before seeing Dr. Ben I was experiencing lower back pain and numbness in my right leg all the way into my foot. I also experienced lots of headaches and often suffered with heartburn. Because of my lower back pain I haven’t been able to look for work, I have gained about 20 pounds due to little or no exercise and I have been very stressed out. My pain was just really putting a damper on my life. I tried physical therapy for about three months and used a lot of pain killers, but I never got relief. Since beginning care I have had no headaches and no heartburn almost immediately after I began getting worked on. I have also been experiencing less pain and no numbness in my leg. I now have the ability to start working again and have been experiencing an overall better attitude and outlook on life. I have referred one of my best friends to see Dr. Ben. I am just very happy with everything I have experienced so far and look forward to seeing more improvement as Dr. Ben keeps working on me. Thank you very much!