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No more smoking and no more junk food

Dr. Ben, Just before I had my very first visit with you I found out that I had an abnormal pap. They tested it for Cervical Cancer (early stage) and, let’s just say the results were not so hot. So she told me that in order to fight this I needed to change my life style. No more smoking and no more junk food. She said with healthy eating that would boost my immune system and that would fight off the cancer. Since I have been coming to you I quite smoking, I am eating a healthy diet and I have more energy to work out do activities. My immune system has been top notch; I don’t have to take allergy pills anymore. I recently went back to my OBGYN and she retested me, I am still waiting on the results, but she said since I have changed my life style so dramatically the chances are in my favor that I have beat this. I couldn’t have done this with out you. My stress levels from work, personal, financial, relationships, have all dropped dramatically. It’s because of the confidence I have in you and your practice that I am able to get through this tough time in my life. If the results are not what I hope they are, I know that because you make peoples bodies operate correctly I will be able to get through this. If they are what I want them to be it’s because of the support of you and your staff that helped me get through this. There aren’t enough words to thank you; I would recommend you to anyone who wants to live a happier life. I can’t tell you how much you have changed my life, but I’m sure you can tell every time you see me with a smile on my face. Thank you Dr. Ben and staff, you are the greatest.