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Severe Ear Pain

I have been suffering with an ear infection for 24 days. I had tried many modalities in order to try to rectify this problem. Today I woke up with severe ear pain (It felt like it was going to break.) and a migraine headache. I called my M.D.’s office and they said that they had no openings but that they would have someone call me later.

I was besides my self. The pain was excruciating! I was crying and pacing the room in pain. I felt that I had to do something. I went to see my Chiropractor, Dr Ben Smetana. He fit me into his busy schedule. He checked my ears and found that they were red and bulging. He did what was a normal Chiropractic manipulation; C-1 and C-2 were way off. Then he did some massage around the ear and neck area. Finally he did a J-Maneuver, where he pulled on my ear. I thanked him and left. I went to my car, sat down and all of a sudden I could feel a rush as the ears drained. The pain was almost entirely gone.

My Medical Doctor called and said that they would double book me and I could see the doctor in a couple of hours. When I went to see her she stated that my ear was still infected and the ear drum was bulging. (Just imagine what it was like before.) I was given another round of antibiotics and referred to a specialist. I asked her what she could have done for me before when I was in so much pain and thought that the tympanic membrane was going to rupture. She said that she could have done nothing.

I still can not hear well, nor is all the pain gone but what a difference Dr Ben made!! I can’t thank him enough. I would highly recommend him to anyone who was trying to improve their health.