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Thank God for chiropractic care and for a healthy child

Olivia has received chiropractic adjustments since day one in the hospital. She gets checked every week and scanned regularly to find and remove stress from her little system. I believe adamantly that due to regular chiropractic adjustments, good nutrition and low stress at home, she has stayed healthy. She is 4 years old and has never had an ear infection, sinus infection or taken one ounce of medication including antibiotics or pain relievers. Don’t get me wrong, she still gets colds/coughs/fevers and had the rotovirus as a 2 year old. However, the infections are gone quickly and her immune system is stronger because of the exposure and fighting it off naturally. Chiropractic care is and always will be one of the top priorities for her health care and I would recommend every child getting their bodies checked for nerve stress. Adjustments are so simple and affordable that it should be part of regular care for infants and kids. Olivia loves her adjustments and asks for the “click” all the time. She asks for adjustments when she doesn’t feel well which thrills me because she knows that the adjustments really help!

Thank God for chiropractic care and for a healthy child.