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Unable to walk as a new mom until.. Dr. Heidi!

The day before I went into labor my lower back, for no real apparent reason, started to hurt. I have had minor low back issues in the past and have gone to 4-5 different chiropractors over the last 10 years pretty sporadically. When this back pain appeared I was a little more concerned since I was supposed to be induced 3 days later. I decided to make my first ever appointment with Dr. Heidi considering she specializes in moms and pediatrics. I was pushing 41 weeks pregnant and huge. I waddled in on that first day and couldn’t have felt more comfortable with Dr. Heidi. She adjusted me and wished me luck on my upcoming delivery. 7 hours later my water broke. (could it be from the adjustment? not sure but I like to think it helped!! ha) I was hoping that with the delivery of my son my back would go back to normal and I’d walk out of the hospital just fine. WRONG! I could barely walk down the hall. When we got home, I could barely walk up our stairs.. I had to use a scooter (ugh) in Target. It was the worst. I kept going to Dr. Heidi and she remained her positive self insisting I would be able to walk and carry my son just fine soon. I believed her but was also concerned so I went to a medical dr who prescribed me prednisone. That definitely did nothing and was a waste of time, however my chiropractor care did. Within 2.5 weeks of seeing Dr. Heidi I was able to walk out of her office. The first time I walked out without limping she rejoiced! She honestly and truly cares about her patients. She does not pressure you with commitments to keep coming back (even though you will want to b/c you will feel amazing) but she just does her job with a smile and helps in any way she can. Now, I’m pregnant with my second and immediately went to her in hopes of preventing what happened last time.
I couldn’t recommend Dr. Heidi and Oak Springs any more – they are amazing. They are lifesavers!!