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Unexplainable and Undiagnosable

Daniel is 4 years old and has quite a long medical background. Since Dan was 2 weeks old every September his health problems would begin. They always started the same with some rash that was unexplainable and undiagnosable as well. From there it would get worse. He would develop upper respiratory problems in which most of the time would send us to the hospital for days and sometimes weeks. We never did get any answers from the doctors, just enormous medical bills which put us in financial ruins. Just before we started taking Dan to Dr. Ben, the U of MN wanted to start Dan on growth hormone because he had stopped growing as well, even though his body had the right hormones, he just wasn’t using them. Since Dan started seeing Dr. Ben he has been without a single health problem! Our family and friends are all amazed by how well Dan is doing. He’s growing, gaining weight, has not had any digestive or respiratory problems. My family will always be thankful for Dr. Ben entering our lives and giving life back to us! As well as a happy, healthy, growing 4 year old boy!