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Wedding Approaching

With my wedding approaching in June of this year, both my fiancée and I told each other that after the holidays we needed to start to get in better shape so we looked good and were healthier when we started our life together. We were leery of calling it a New Year’s Resolution because no one ever sticks to them. When I got the Viva Loss Vegas Weight Loss Challenge from Oak Springs, I knew it was the extra motivation we needed. When I started, I started the program I was 260lbs. I wanted to be between 200 and 210 by the time I walked the aisle, so I knew I had work to do. Gone were the pizzas, the fast food, and the hardest thing to say goodbye to, Ben and Jerry’s. I replaced all of those things with fish and chicken and vegetables, I know… boring! There first two weeks were tough, but as I stuck with it, it got easier. I also make sure I drank at least 100oz of water per day and we implemented a walking routine that I knew we could stick with. Put the water, the new diet and walking altogether and after the first six weeks, my weight was 231.4lbs. I had lost 28.8lbs and 11.1% of my body. To put that into perspective, pick up a 30lb bag of dog food and try to carry that around with you all day. I would bet you can’t, but that is what I was doing for so long and I know it was killing my body slowly. I now have very minimal joint pain; I sleep better, breathe better and feel so much better than I did back in January. I now know that I can easily reach my goal of losing a full 50lbs by June 11th. I can’t wait!